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DYE CNC Introduces Doosan Brand to Machine Center Lineup

In support of new programs awarded, most recently new programs working with SD Composites, Young Engineering, and Axem Distribution, DYE CNC has made a significant investment in additional machine centers. This expansion of technical capability in support of machining harder Rockwell materials and larger part sizes has prompted the acquisition of the Doosan 7500, 6700, and 4500 models as new additions to our machine line up. The Doosan 7500 Mynx, the largest of these three models with its 50 taper spindle and driven by a two-step gearbox, delivers exceptionally high torque and covers the broadest possible spectrum of tough machining applications. These new additional machines continue to position DYE CNC as a leader in our industry, while providing strong support for challenging requirements from our customers. In total, DYE CNC has added nine new machine centers over the last four weeks and plans to further expand in the 5-Axis arena in the coming months ahead!

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