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The AS9100 Journey

DYE CNC has been ISO 9001:2008 registered for over four years. In 2014, DYE CNC Management decided that it is time to move forward to the next level and upgrade the quality system and procedure in the company to ensure continuous improvement and to emphasis the customer based management system. A nine month plan was developed to upgrade all the quality systems and train all employees on the additional requirements along with close monitoring for the compliance to the new requirements.

In December 2014, DYE passed the first stage of the audit with outstanding results and a recommendation from the third party auditor, DNV, to move immediately to the second stage as the company is fully ready. In February 2015, DYE CNC successfully went through the two days audit for AS9100 second stage with ZERO Findings. DYE CNC received the AS9100 Certification in April to put a closure for the successful plan that was originated in 2014.

Dye Precision CNC is a San Diego company specializing in high precision machining in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Medical, and Technology Industries.

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