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Growing and Differentiating Dye CNC

Dye CNC was established in 2010 as a result of many talented machinists that were eager to maintain a presence at Dye Precision and promote their CNC precision machining strengths utilizing machine tools with 3 Axis capabilities.  Initially focused on prototype and develop parts, this group of talented machinist built a reputation of being able to produce high precision parts utilizing many different materials as specified by a growing number of customers.

Along the way, many more machine tools were added to complement this machine group that broadened the CNC machining capability of Dye CNC to include 4 and 5 Axis capability.  These new machines provided for a distinction from other machine shops in that it moved Dye CNC from a provider of small precision machined parts to medium and large envelope capable machines that can reach dimension of 31” x 31” x 26” with even high precision and in production quantities.  With this new machine offering, Dye CNC was able to strategically differentiate itself and gain a foothold in the Aerospace and Defense industries.  This coupled with full offering of metal processing and assembly become a distinction that promotes Dye CNC as the best machine shop in San Diego County.

Dye Precision CNC is a San Diego company specializing in high precision machining in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Medical, and Technology Industries.

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